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 Producer of Polyester Staple Fiber  from Korea.   Products by recycled waste synthetic resins, PET bottles, and Post-consumer Films Solid Regular, Non-Siliconized, Siliconized, and OB Free Fiber from 3 denier to 30 denier   Semi-Virgin, Super A and Normal

With site area 13,500 m²,    and production facility area 6,000 m²,    It contributes to production by making the most of space and managing many main ingredients.


Dissolve recycled raw materials at a high temperature of 260-280 degrees and extrude them to produce a fiber(tow). To produce a certain color of fiber, purchase as many raw materials as possible and select them to blend. Because of this, we maintain a consistent quality that fits the grade

Our company is certified OEKO-TEX (STADARD 100  CLASS 1  ANNEX 6) , an eco-friendly certificate issued in Europe, and GRS, a recycling certificate.   In the case of GRS, TC can be issued as requested. We also have ISO certification.

Please contact us if you have any other requested documents

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Address    784, Changnyeongjangma-ro, Changnyeong-eup, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea ( Welcome, always )

Email   ( executive director , Yongwoo Jin )

        ( senior clerk, Minjeong Kim

        ( JF info )

Tel  +82 10 65342727  (+whatsapp)

      (executive director , Yongwoo Jin)

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